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Racism has been declared a Public Health Crisis.

What is The Black Agenda?

The challenges and circumstances for Black people are varied and complex. Rochester’s Black community embraces and works to implement its collective interests in order to establish and maintain a comprehensive systematic framework (Black Agenda) that will be adopted to drive, influence, and endorse policies and practices in the areas of education, health and wellness, and economic development.


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Our mission is defined by our pillars which contains a set of collective interests and reflect our voices across intersecting regional domains.

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The Black Agenda Group is dedicated to the creation of culturally specific and culturally responsive interventions to address the effects of racism within the Black community across the social determinants of health.

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Economic Justice

the leakage of those funds subsidizes development in the various suburbs

the resources need to be disproportionately put where the need/pain is... i.e. Black & Brown communities.... specifically

any questions or comments for Simeon?

“DINKLE” all I’m gonna say… my grandfather and my father worked hard towards this work in our community & I continue to try & do some of their same work! ( it’s real hard though).

What is the correlation between this data and the teacher force in the district compared to the “essential workers” working to support the school buildings

What are your thoughts on this? We need to wake up to this information.

Those unions need to be expected to sign on to this statement

In a city with a legacy of Freedom it’s unacceptable for this amount of inequities to exist…. There is also a immigration and marginalization of immigrant families…. Discrimination of second generation children and there families

Their perspective, white people, is based on their axiology... according to Dr. Edwin Nichols... they are transfixed on the attainment of an object. They are not deep thinkers regarding the preeminence of relationships. That is "our" axiology.

When you exclude us…. The whole world suffers

Exclusion limits innovation... let that sink in

Home ownership is the key to wealth building

This sounds so interesting.

Very informative. I am learning so much!

Funding to support families to home ownership & property

Good evening family

82% of resources leaving the city

That’s right Karma






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BAG LIVE 10/5/2021
Covid 19 Updates: Vaccination, Booster Information
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Good evening BAG FaceBook family.

Great information

BAG LIVE - Tuesday September 21, 2021

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Beautiful I would like to join…registered for October 7th course

Good evening Family💪🏾

I can’t believe how new of a phenomenon this is.

Come through with the new knowledge

The above is the link!

Good information!

Yes! Go learn it for us!

So true!!!

Maat Hotep Michael Campbell Sir ASE'O

Not a thousand percent transparent...

Sign me up thank you












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SEPTEMBER 7, ,2021
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Parent Leadership Advisory Council

Kenyon Binns is the president of the PLAC

no J3... that's not correct

the solutions should be co-created with parents... not informing them after a plan has been devised

there's public confusion already

We should NOT normalize this trauma...

Toyin Anderson... "stay calm"

This past week has added compounded anxiety and trauma for students fear of experiencing last year again.

The lack of foresight in transportation, is reflective of the lack of foresight in every area of education and family engagement. This is retraumatizing our children and disarming our parents.

RCSD families pay for the salaries of teachers if they are in person or online. Our children deserve the good teachers trained to engage them inside of classrooms!

The power of community schools could change this. A community school will look different, now, in the 21st century then those of the 1900s.

I'm praying for your endeavors. Maybe I get an opportunity to write an article in support of your work(s).

Thats the biggest thing is for parents and families to feel supported to raise hell in those schools to demand better for our children.

This is what happens when you have leadership with vision.

There are about 26000 students in RCSD and about 2500 are without transportation, right? How can the community support those students.

I am so glad I choose to tune in to this conversation tonight:) Give Thanks

RCSD functions in a mode of well intentions, but must be challenged on being intentional in parent engagement.

How do we share the pain to accomplish the Greater Good. What is the Greater Good?

Yes, there will be some children who are going to have trouble reintegrating after being home so long. And ses a spike in over diagnoses of “whatever”

Media contact should be only after there is a private and organized meeting of the minds and the people involved; otherwise it could easily be a cause of public confusion.

Can a Flow-Chart be developed to show the necessary steps for a successful outcome for all involved?

Especially if that parent is taking the bus to work!

Wth all school / transportation issues going on, WHY can't schools restrt up 9/ all issues 2 b resolvd???

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