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Racism has been declared a Public Health Crisis.

What is The Black Agenda?

The challenges and circumstances for Black people are varied and complex. Rochester’s Black community embraces and works to implement its collective interests in order to establish and maintain a comprehensive systematic framework (Black Agenda) that will be adopted to drive, influence, and endorse policies and practices in the areas of education, health and wellness, and economic development.


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Implementation Tool

The Racism is a Public Health Crisis Implementation Tool helps identity how organizations are applying organizational practices in the workplace and community to address the health crisis initiative.

Our Purpose

What We Believe

Our mission is defined by our pillars which contains a set of collective interests and reflect our voices across intersecting regional domains.

Our Story

Who We Are

The Black Agenda Group is dedicated to the creation of culturally specific and culturally responsive interventions to address the effects of racism within the Black community across the social determinants of health.

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Ubuntu Healing Circle ... See MoreSee Less

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We are going to have a virtual emotional emancipation healing circle on April 11th, right here on BAG Live... spread the word!

The road to LIBERATION leads through our healing

Tuesdays 12-1 for EEC's.... email for more info

We need to be RE-Membered... i.e. brought back into membership with ourselves and our ancestral practices

Too much trauma has been normalized

you can't heal what you don't reveal... another nugget from Momma Mel

And this is another reason why we have to tell our own stories... we must control our narrative

Emotional Emancipation Circles are Safe Space

Br Bennu... "we are each other's medicine"

Momma Mel... "your presence is power"

Please share this live on your personal FB pages... we need as many as possible to get this food

Welcome everyone... let us know if you have questions or comments for our experts

Kasserian Ingera... How are the Children?

I love being unapologetic for just us being ☺️🖤

Yes we care so so much I love what ms Alfreda said irons sharpens irons

Good evening everyone.

Keep up the great work for our village family.

Yes ma’am amen 🙏

And they use financial resources granted to them and say, “Look what we’ve done for them.” But who is “them?”

Yess Elder

Loud and clear elder Jerome Underwood.


Thank you elder Hanif Abdul-Wahid

We salute you black Queens.

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We on fire tonite to talk up/link up 8pm ... See MoreSee Less

We on fire tonite to talk up/link up 8pm

The State of Education in Rochester ... See MoreSee Less

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Yes... Elders Campbell... It has to be a Collective Approach... Together We Can, starting with our Parents.. RTFA (ROC the FutureAlluance) 2023 Theme- Building Parent Family Partner Power...

Schools allowing parent engagement is much needed Often times schools put up barriers for the parents that want to be engaged with their child(ren) education or social well being.

What about the school not reaching out to the parents for sources that they have in the school for the children

Culturally Responsive Curriculum is a desire from Parents, as received through THE RTFA WIG (Wildly Important Goal)

Does your assessment of quality schools include considerations of students persistence (college, career, workforce, etc)after high school ? Does the fellowship plan to look into that

Our students should be able to compete on a global playing field.

Welcome prayers

That's still happening..Present day.😔

Please ask your questions to our guests here in the chat and we will share

Tricia Lesko Crissman Community Schools is mentioned.

Thats been around for a few years

Yet we have some of the most underperforming charters in NYS, using billions from the RCSD to what end?


Rochester Early college? What about them?

Ashe, she, sheoooo

Well done !

Would this be the elementary level?

That's a great point Eldress Jackie!!! I think that speaks to the issue of Parent Engagement. There is such a great/frequent turnover within the district that the parents get discouraged because we feel like we have to continously start over.

Allow the voice of the parents/care givers of the students have involvement in the decision...the district need them as the parent need the district ... I believe if the children see the collaboration it puts hope and faith back in the child.

Education and transportation are issues Parents will send their child to a school across town whether it's a good school or not because the bus will come early enough to ensure they can get work on time. So once again a parent choices are limited based on what is best for the child...

Parental advocacy is integral to school success, but K-12 schools must make family and community engagement more equitable and effective by implementing strategies that reflect the needs and values of the community. This event will focus on how to do just that, and the insights shared will be beneficial to educators, parents, and the wider community. Take the first step in impacting your school community by being a part of the conversation on March 22. Register to attend ➡️

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February 1, 2015 the Greater Rochester Black Agenda Group was formed as a Black Think Tank. We celebrate our continual existence through the Nguzo Saba, serving our village with information, advocacy, culture and unity💪🏾 Ase’ ... See MoreSee Less

February 1, 2015 the Greater Rochester Black Agenda Group was formed as a Black Think Tank. We celebrate our continual existence through the Nguzo Saba, serving our village with information, advocacy, culture and unity💪🏾 Ase’
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