About Our Organization



The Black Agenda Group is dedicated to the creation of culturally specific and culturally responsive interventions to address the effects of racism within the Black community across the social determinants of health.

By creating, advocating for and helping to implement culturally responsible evaluation metrics, we can ensure more accurate data when evaluating the health of our communities and the progress on healing the effects of systemic racism on the policy, program and practical level.


We believe Black people with both learned and lived experience must be the leaders, drivers, and implementers of this work to make true change.

Where it all began

BAG rEvolution

We are a group of leaders using our creative energy to restore, strengthen, and sustain a healthy, vibrant Black community. Learn more about our members and the foundation of the Black Agenda Group.

Our Principles

The Nguzo Saba

These seven principles help shape our work in restoring our people and communities.


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Fund our work and align projects or initiatives to BAG Pillars


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